days to China Import Expo, Kunshan
May 16-18, 2018
Kunshan Huaqiao International Expo Center
Located to the north of Lüdi Avenue, west of Jishan Road, south of Anbo Road and East of Xuezhao Road in the Kunshan Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, the Huaqiao International Expo Center is comprised of two exhibition complexes: Phase-1 main exhibition halls and Phase-2 new halls that occupy a total land area of 215,000 square meters (144,000 sq m for Phase 1 and 71,000 sq m for Phase 2). The center has a total floor area of 124,000 sq m (65,000 for Phase 1 and 59,000 sq m for Phase 2), including 100,000 sq m for exhibition, and 1440 parking spaces. The Rail Transit Line S1, which is being planned, will have a station south of the main exhibition hall.